Kamis, 20 Juli 2017

Lirik Lagu Yang Kuhapal Seberapa Banyak Ya? by shafa


Overseas Song Lyrics Segment By Shafa:
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Overseas #1 (Apa sambungan lagunya) Closer The Chainsmoker ft.hasley
  1. I know it break your heart .... No calls :
    Moved To City In The Broke Down Car And,Four Years
  2. So baby....of you rover:
    Pull Me Closer In The Beackseat
  3. I,I,I ... stop:
Overseas #2 (Apa Judul Lagunya) Aku ambil reffnya ya
  1. I'm only one call away
    I'll be there to save the day
    Superman got nothing on me
    I'm only one call away
    :One Call Away
  2. Do you want to build snowman?
    Come on lets go and play
    I never see you anymore
    Come out the door
    It's like you've gone away-
    We used to be best buddies
    And now we're not
    I wish you would tell me why!-
    Do you wanna build a snowman?
    It doesn't have to be a snowman.
    :Do You Want To Build Snowman?
  3.  I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlightYou're gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the nightCause you're my flash lightYou're my flash light, you're my flash light
    :Flash Light
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